Almost all rooms have views of the alleys and the characteristic streets of Rome, some are connecting.
Modern design furniture and details designed specifically make them unique. As some rooms with shower area, separate from the local service, which overlooks the room through a glass wall.


If you are looking for exclusivity and uniqueness, our Suites are the right choice. Our suite, “Pascal” is characterized by a marvelous indoor Jacuzzi tub and a balcony with view of the rooftops. The room offers additional tranquility for those in need of further escape. Our suite, “Nietzsche”, offers a large terrace with a Jacuzzi […]

Junior Suite

You want to be in the heart of Rome and love modern design but require a more spacious room. Look no further than the Junior Suite. In addition to extra space, these large rooms offer increased privacy and courtyard views. Just as in our other rooms, the interior designs of our Junior Suites are a […]


Some Superior rooms have fantastic views of the narrow cobblestone streets that are so characteristic of Rome. Our Modern furniture collection was custom designed to be visually appealing with special attention given to details that make every room unique. The most visually striking element of some Superior room is the central shower, which has been […]